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Kevin Bourgeois Wall of Sound

"The complexity of the image confounds the eye, just as the difficulty of describing it confounds writerly ability. But this intricacy is key to Bourgeois’s esthetic, which mimics the abstract qualities of the music he listens to."

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Volta Switzerland Video


Kevin Bourgeois showed his work at Volta  12 in Switzerland alongside Art Basel.

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Kevin Bourgeois is the lead muralist for art events company AHz Concepts, who has provided the art and entertainment for Allison Sarofim's annual Halloween party the past 12 years.

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Artsy Review


"The conceptual bases of collage and assemblage are of crucial importance to Bourgeois’ practice, both in his works that incorporate found objects and in his choice to work with graphite. While the medium is often reserved for sketching or planning, Bourgeois finds its innovative potential by employing  juxtaposition and pictorial disruption, techniques typical to collage, to create politically-charged work that transcends illustration."

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AOL Headquarters


"The waiting area features a multimedia collage by Kevin Bourgeois, a New York-based artist."

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Volta 12


"Tracy Causey-Jeffrey (owner of Causey Contemporary, New York) noted the expected mixed reaction to artist Kevin Bourgeois' bracing site-specific, found-object assemblage At Play in the Fields of the Lord — comprised of used NYPD barricades, handcuffs, and batons composed into a swing-set — but was pleased with the dialogues with visitors that ensued."

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