Kevin P. Bourgeois(born July 13, 1969) is an American artist, muralist, and activist known for His photorealist social-political graphite drawings and thematic installations. 

Self taught, he depicts his subjects in sociopolitical narratives that deal with the struggle for identity. Using collage aesthetics to dissect culture by utilizing a combination of photorealism, illustration, and pop-symbolism, Bourgeois explores the undercurrents of society through themes of ideologies, mass media, and identity. His practice of assemblage is of crucial importance to Bourgeois’ work, both conceptually and aesthetically. Incorporating found objects into his more traditional, representational work of pencil on paper displays his experience of the generational intersection during the turn away from an analogue society. 

He has been commissioned to do murals for AOL Ventures and Allison Sarofim, and has exhibited in New York with Causey Contemporary, Olsen Gruin Gallery, Exit Art, and Pulse Art Fair. His international exhibitions include DRAW museum exhibition at ” Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico, Collector's Contemporary in Singapore, and most recently at “SELF Identities – Faces. Places. Spaces” at Palazzo Ca'Zanardi, a collateral event to the 2015 La Biennale di Venezia, and a solo installation at Volta 12 in Basel Switzerland. 

He lives and works in New York. 



Solo Exhibitions:


“Wall Of Sound” Olsen Gruin Gallery, New York, NY


“At Play in the Field of the Lord” Volta 12 Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland


“The Impossible Exchange”, Causey Contemporary Gallery, New York, NY 


Solo Installation, Pulse Art Fair 2011, New York, NY 


“SYStm”, Causey Contemporary Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 


“Something Wicked This Way Comes”, Causey Contemporary Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


“Step Into Outward”, The Culture Project, New York, NY 


“Monsters Under the Bed and Skeletons in the Closet”, Wilfong/Remeres Gallery, Orlando, FL 

Group Exhibitions:


“Deconstruction” TNC Gallery, New York, NY 


“Going Green” Contra Gallery, New York, NY


Museum of Ice Cream Group Exhibition, New York, NY

“JOG 10”, James Oliver Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 

“Bricolage”, Causey Contemporary Gallery, New York, NY 


“Dialogues:Drawings and Works on Paper”, Satellite Contemporary, Las Vegas,

“Self Identities”, Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Venice Biennale, Venice Italy

SPRING/BREAK Art Fair, New York, NY

“OXheart Presents :Earthly Delights” NOoo Sphere Gallery, New York, NY

“Roll with Gold & Soul”, Allison Sarofim Event (Mural Commission) New York, NY


Emerge Art Fair, Washington, D.C.

SPRING/BREAK Art Fair, New York, NY 

“M.I.A. in M.I.A”, Lyons Weir Gallery, New York, NY 


“Sound and Vision”, Aqua Art Fair, Miami, FL 

“Curate NYC”, Rush Arts Gallery, New York, NY 

“Gallery Collection”, Collectors Contemporary Gallery, Singapore

“Time In Children’s Art Initiative Auction”, Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York, NY 

“Postcards from the Edge”, Sikkema Jenkins & Co Gallery, New York, NY 


“Overture Art Fair”, Miami, FL 

“Art Takes Times Square” New York, NY 

“Nose Bleed”(curated by Erik Foss), Fuse Gallery, New York, NY 

“Casa De Empeno”, Anonymous Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico


“Zoom Elite art Fair at Art Basel”, Miami, Fl

“It’s A Wonderful Life”, Collectors Contemporary Gallery, Singapore

“JOYRIDE 2011”, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York, NY 

“3D Art Book Exhibition/Signing”, Opera Gallery, New York, NY 

“Dear Japan, We LOVE You.” Openhouse Gallery, New York, NY 

“Well Hung”, The Chelsea Chapter @ +art gallery, New York, NY

“Songs” (Curated by Erik Foss), Fuse Gallery, New York, NY 


“FRACKING: Art and Activism Against the Drill”, EXIT Art, New York, NY 

Fountain Art Fair 2010, Miami, FL 

“Draw” Museo do la Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico

“Public Consumption” (co-curated), Puffin Foundation, New York, NY


Artprize Juried Exhibition 2009, Grand Rapids, MI

“Up rooted” Causey Contemporary Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 

“Rare Pleasures”, Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park, NJ 

“Black Pop Surreal”, Shore Institute of the Contemporary Arts, NJ 

Fountain Art Fair 2009, New York, NY 


Bridge Art Fair Miami 2008, Miami, FL 

“Confabulation”, Collectors Contemporary Gallery, Singapore 

“BOMBscare” (co-curated), Headquarters Studio, New York, NY

Deitch Project Gallery 4th annual Art Parade, New York, NY 

Art @ Large: Juried Group Show, Crybaby Gallery, Ashbury, NJ

“The Guys We Would Fuck”(curated by Nayland Blake), Monya Rowe Gallery, New York, NY 

Bridge Art Fair New York 2008, New York, NY 

“Eaten Alive” (co-curated), Headquarters Studio, New York, NY 


Bridge Art Fair Miami 2007, Miami, FL 

“Angel Headed Hipsters of the East”, Resolution Gallery, New York, NY 

“Tripnotica”, Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, NY  

“Suggestions”, Causey Contemporary Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 

“Killer Beez” (co-curated), Headquarters Studio, New York, NY 

Fountain Art Fair New York 2007, New York, NY 


Bridge Art Fair Miami 2006, Miami, FL 

“Headquarters Artist Collective” (co-curated), Headquarters Studio, New York, NY 

“Summer Group Show”, McCaig/Welles Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 


“Juxtapoz Magazine Submission Show”, Fuse Gallery, New York, NY 

“Eastern Influence”, Cornell Center Gallery, Rollins College, Winter Park, FL